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As is to be expected, when I used higher ISOs in low light situations, the resulting pictures were noisy. Sony A6600 Pricing and Availability. Video features. The Sony a6600 looks an excellent camera for video and vlogging, and its stunning AF, in-body image stabilization and large battery make it suitable for demanding stills photography. The a6600 has gotten rid of the popup flash that Sony had on all of its series predecessors, which makes sense, since various lenses occluded the popup’s illumination. With an emphasis on speed and versatility, the Sony Alpha a6600 is a sleek-yet-fully-featured APS-C-format mirrorless camera well-suited for both stills and video. You’ll be able to capture an average of 720 still images per battery charge when using a viewfinder, while the a6500 is capable of capturing about 310 images under the same conditions. The LCD’s selfie position is especially useful for vbloggers. For my test vlogging video, I set the LCD in selfie position and used the a6600’s built-in microphone rather than attaching an auxiliary mike. You can have one camera keeping the wide-angle without having the nightmare of rushing to push a button again after 30 minutes. Get the detailed list of specifications for the Sony ILCE-6600 / ILCE-6600M & see which Cameras fit your needs. You have to slow down to 8 fps to use live view. The video is clean and sharp with good color though oversaturated. Sony A6600 versus rival model with … The most frequently used are easily accessed through physical controls, plus four custom buttons that are user-programmable for quick access to your personal favorite settings. For instance, sunlight filtering through the trees onto this cabin in the dark woods confused the camera’s metering. The a6600 measures 4.7x2.6 x 2.3 inches (versus the a6500’s 4.7x2.6 x 2.1 inches). The position is logical, but it still took me some time to get used to reaching for it without looking. All of these lenses are sharp and the AF is perfect. Discover the a6600 / α6600 premium E-mount APS-C camera from Sony & explore all the Cameras features. 4K video up to 30p with unlimited recording; 1080p up to 120fps; S-Log2, S-Log3 and HLG profiles; WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth; Mic input, headphone output; Sony A7C comparison previews: A7C vs A7 III – A7C vs A6600. Through the Remote interface, you can control and shoot your camera from your computer or device plus transfer both still images and videos. Sony Alpha a6600 Mirrorless Digital Camera (B&H). We hope it should hit around 2,2x the runtime of the W batteries. While the camera is still compact, the grip is slightly larger, which makes for a more balanced handhold when using larger lenses. The camera does not have a thirty-minute limit as it was before. Unfortunately, the a6600 still has only one UHS-I-compatible SD memory card slot (nested with the battery in the grip). Sony | a | a6600 l Unveil Sony | a | a6600 l Product Feature Sony | a | a6600 l Time-lapse Movie Sony | a | a6600 l 4K HDR (HLG) sample video. Like the a6500, the a6600 has Slow and Quick Motion, which means you can slow down motion (such as a trapeze artist floating through the air) or do time-lapse videos (for instance, of a flower opening). SD CARD (?) Sony A6600 and Sony E 50mm f/1.8 OSS. Five-axis optical image stabilisation ensures stunning image quality for high-resolution 4K HDR (HLG) movie recording and stills, while the high-capacity … The directional control does double (and sometimes triple) duty, depending on what mode you’re in. First of all, it had to follow the A6500, launched in 2016 with innovative features like 4K 30 fps video… The headline specifications are Super 35mm format, 4K recording with full pixel readout and oversampling by 2.4x the information required for the resolution at 24p and 1.6x at 30p. (The a6500 has 425/129 detection. The Sony a6600 is the company's top-of-the-line APS-C mirrorless camera, with 24MP of resolution and 4K video capture. Grip and battery. The app is segmented into three modules: Viewer, Editor and Remote. What’s more, it means that the camera can take advantage of the more powerful Z battery used by Sony DSLRs. This is a very huge improvement for all of those that shoot events, weddings and work in similar situations when having a long runtime can be a game-changer. The new Sony A6600 will go on sale in November and will be sold both body-only and as a kit with the Sony E 18-135mm lens. Weight: 1.1 pounds. Since Sony A7c's has a larger sensor area with the same resolution, this means that it also has a larger pixel area hence better light collecting capacity for a given aperture compared to Sony A6600. Following the steps of the previous A6 series, it brings a lot of small improvements on the table alongside a couple of big ones. Since Nikon Z5's has a larger sensor area with the same resolution, this means that it also has a larger pixel area hence better light collecting capacity for a given aperture compared to Sony A6600. When I captured the same scene (about two minutes later) using identical parameters but adding the Night creative style, the processing reduced the noise. Our issue is … This means that Sony A6600 provides 4K (Ultra-HD) video. The Sony Alpha a6600 is a worthy new flagship for Sony’s mirrorless APS-C line of cameras. In addition, some of the more advanced features require adjustments to several settings, which sometimes involve scrolling through various screens. As Sony's new flagship APS-C camera, the 24.2-meagpixel A6600 has a lot to live up to. Shooting Speed: 11 fps Sony a6600 Mirrorless Camera 4K APS-C ILCE-6600B with 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 OSS Lens Kit SEL55210 Bundle with Deco Gear Case + Extra Battery + Flash + Photo Video Software + 64GB Card and Accessories $1,548.00 Wi-Fi/GPS/NFC/Bluetooth: Yes/No/Yes/Yes We were not asked to write anything about these cameras, nor were … Sony A6600 is ranked #4 out of 54 Advanced Mirrorless cameras with an overall score of 79 whereas Sony A7R IV is ranked #2 out of 50 Pro Mirrorless cameras with an overall score of 99. Get Instant Access! Both Sony A7c and Sony A6600 have 24.0 MP resolution sensors but Sony A7c's sensor is Full frame (35.8 x 23.8 mm ) and Sony A6600's sensor is APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm ). Sony A6600: Mirrorless system camera Mirrorless system camera Fujifilm X mount lenses Sony E mount lenses 26 MP, APS-C Sensor 24 MP, APS-C Sensor 4K/30p Video 4K/30p Video ISO 160-12,800 (80 - 51,200) ISO 100-32,000 (100 - 102,400) Electronic viewfinder (2360k dots) Electronic viewfinder (2359k dots) 3.0 LCD, 1040k dots eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'4kshooters_net-box-4','ezslot_4',144,'0','0'])); A new port has appeared on the A6600! The part I’m most happy with is the a6600 and 70-350 combination. For the most part, the photos were consistently good to excellent. Outdoors in good sunlight, my photos were bright, sharp and clean. AND FILE LIMITS. The result was an overexposed image. The back has a typical profusion of buttons and controls. Furthermore, the company improved (we hope so at least) the battery life. Sony A7R IV's sensor provides 37MP more than Sony A6600's sensor, which gives a significant advantage in real life. Even in this backlit image, the individual hairs of the horse’s mane are well defined (shown at 50% magnification). It’s hard to say. This Sony lens is presumably one of the famous, astonishing and fantastic working Sony E mount lenses for filming video. This instance, this twilight image of a neighbor’s barn, shot at 10,000 ISO using aperture priority auto exposure (1/40 at f4.5), is not only overexposed but also displays considerable noise. It is the second Sony camera after the A6400 to do so. The 6600 creates 4K movies by oversampling 6K capture, for higher quality videos. It’s still unclear what will be the compatibility of the slot, though (UHS-I or UHS-II). The Sony Alpha a6600 is expensive, but it delivers impressive quality, performance and a slew of useful features. It’s a bummer … All of those features, however, … The 4K60p recording is still off the table.

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