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Quartz vs. granite countertops is a heated debate among interior designers, but whether one material is better than the other comes down to what your home needs from a countertop. There are several factors to consider when looking to purchase either quartz or granite. However, quartz is becoming quite the popular choice in today’s market. If you are looking to buy a granite countertop, Marble.com offers over 500 different options on its website. Granite is one of the most durable natural surfaces you will be able to find. Granite surfaces come from naturally-occurring granite rock which is mined and cut into large but manageable slabs for surface construction. Never clean a granite countertop with vinegar, bleach or Windex. All rights reserved. A main difference between quartz and other types of stone countertops is that quartz countertops are made of man-made stone. Granite comes in many different colors – some presenting a more laid-back feeling, while others give off a bold feeling that will instantly turn the focus of your guests to your countertop. Hopefully this discussion of quartz vs. marble will help you with your own kitchen and bathroom countertop decisions. Quartz tends to leave less of a carbon footprint than natural stone such as granite. However, the labor cost for quartz is higher due to the complicated installation. Costs. Quartz countertops range in price from about $55 to $75 per square foot. There are hundreds of colors and styles to choose from, so you will not be limited when it comes to appearance. Whether it is a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel or any other home improvement project, granite and quartz are two of the top choices on the market. Granite Countertops: Comparisons . This guide will help you determine the differences between the two and help you decide which option will be better for your new countertop. As with quartz, various factors can cause the price to go up or down. Always use trivets or hot pads to avoid any damage from hot kitchen items. Granite Vs Marble Vs Quartz vs Quartzite Choosing the right material for your countertop can be quite confusing because of the numerous options available in the market. This guide will discuss the differences between quartz and granite countertops and the best qualities of each type of stone, so you can … Generally, the cost of quartz countertops and natural stone such as granite are same and most Cambria countertops cost anywhere between $55 to $125 per square foot, including cost of installation. To be safe, you should use trivets or hot pads if you can. Granite is a beautiful natural stone that is one of the most popular materials used for stone countertops. / November 12, 2019. Copyright © 1996 - 2020 Marble.com™. If you are looking for a better idea of the cost for quartz or granite, you can get an estimate online. Higher-quality varieties of quartz can cost $100 and up per square foot. Another factor that makes quartz particularly suitable in a kitchen is that the material is very sanitary. One major downfall is heat resistance, however. by Jeremy Troetti Having a quartz countertop can be a major selling point when trying to persuade a potential buyer. The natural stone is available in many different colors and will add appeal to your kitchen or bathroom countertop. These percentages can fluctuate slightly depending on the individual countertop. Engineered Quartz Prices. This guide will focus on the cost of both granite and quartz and how the two compare. Marble countertop slabs are more expensive than quartz, depending on the quality chosen. From natural stones like granite, marble and quartzite, to engineered quartz slabs — each of these options have their own properties which … Cost: The average cost of marble countertops ranges from $40 to $200 per square foot. Thicker materials cost more. Quartz rarely sustains any damages, so it is unlikely that you will need to do any repairs. Quartz countertops are made by combining more than 90 percent natural quartz with a … Granite is no different – many homeowners desire to have the material in their houses. However, while it is moisture resistant, you should still clean up any spills that may occur on the countertop. Granite, like quartz, works particularly well in the kitchen, as it will be able to handle any kitchen wear and tear. That said, you should still exercise caution in the interest of keeping granite countertops and other surfaces in great shape. The material is not heat resistant, and the resin will melt if subject to extreme heat. Popular brands include Cambria, Silestone and Zodiaq. Despite this, you should still always exercise caution to avoid any rare chance that damage occurs. Copyright © 1996 - 2020 Marble.com™. Quartz surfaces, however, are engineered. Because you do not need to seal quartz, it has a slight advantage over granite in this category. Although the stone is very hard, you will need to exercise caution when handling heavy objects around your granite countertop. Tile vs. Slab: Quartz is made only in slabs. If you do, the countertop will sustain irreversible damages. These crystals give the granite its color. For an average kitchen with 30 square feet of counters, quartz countertops will cost … Cost of Countertop Materials: Cultured Marble vs. The following is a table to give you an idea of price comparison between quartz and granite for similar category products: Entry level granite (sometimes known as “Staple Granite Colors”) include Venetian Gold, Uba Tuba, Santa Cecilia, Coffee Brown, Luna Pearl, and Black Pearl … Granite or Quartz? Having a professional do the job reduces the chance of any chipping or minor damages occurring when the countertop is being installed. For a natural stone, granite is one of the most stain resistant options you can choose. Unlike marble, quartz is a non-porous material and will not require sealing. Cost: Granite vs. Cultured Marble. It is beautiful, durable, heat resistant and scratch resistant. This should not cause concern, as none of these processes require significant effort. This is not a project that you can do on your own. The main factor that makes granite a smart choice for the kitchen is the material’s heat and stain resistance. Summary of cost of granite worktops versus cost of quartz worktops Quartz, Granite or Marble… Granite is quarried and then shipped across the world to various manufacturing sites. Purchasing granite from the United States will cut down on air pollution from transportation. In addition to the ability to resemble natural stone, quartz countertops can be customized, which virtually ensures that you will find something you like in terms of appearance. Keep in mind that a granite countertop needs to be re-sealed about once a year. Below are some factors you will want to evaluate with both options. Average Costs: Granite vs. Quartz; Granite: Between $35 to $75 per square foot: Quartz: Between $50 to $120 per square foot Quartz vs Granite Countertops Price per Square feet. These surfaces are in high demand due to the benefits mentioned above. Thickness: For both materials, counters range from about ¾â€ (2cm) to about 1 ¼â€ (3cm). To install your quartz countertops, you will need to hire a professional. Elegant, easy to maintain, and durable, Cambria countertops and surfaces offer a superior alternative to granite. Porcelain vs. Granite Countertop Stone Resistance to Damage. Everything from white to black, red, green, beige and more is available. Compare Granite vs Marble Countertop Costs Granite Countertops Overview. This is the least expensive option among stone countertop choices. This number will depend on a variety of factors, including what type of granite you choose, how much of it you need and any cutouts or angles your project requires. Material costs for marble are higher, starting at around $60 a square foot and going as high as $100.

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