old man logan hulk eats wolverine

Ripping Wolverine in half is brutal enough (as the Hulk has done), but eating the beloved X-Men member is a bridge too far. Ultimately, his strength didn't help him in his fight with Wolverine. This is it! For 50 years, no one has heard hide nor hair from him...and in his place stands an old man called Logan. A one-stop shop for all things video games. In Indestructible Hulk #7.1, our titular hero gets absolutely tanked after his identity has been separated from the recently dead Bruce Banner. It's true, the Hulk has gotten smashed. Today, that advertisement would probably read: "Hostess fruit pies. While the Hulk decapitated the Silver Surfer, he and another Fantastic Four member, The Thing, were once buddies. For all of The Hulk apologist's out there, let us first declare that this story is of Zombie Hulk doing undead things. And almost immediately, Logan pays for it by being hammered with the kind of brutality the good Hulk hardly ever let loose. This may have been the best outcome for Eric O'Grady, who would surely have regretted being on the inside of the Hulk when his oversized digestive system began moving. Screen Rant Editor Andrew Dyce was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. That's why he prefers downing them right from the pot, whenever it's socially appropriate to do so, of course. Again not strictly Logan but this is my favorite Logan has ever been written Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk. ... Wolverine #72 - Old Man Logan Part 8 Conclusion-A. Which Marvel Character Would Be the Best Leader of the Justice League? During the early days of the character, the Hulk was often portrayed as a relative simpleton, and his love for beans was conveyed to be the ideal food for a character with more carnal motivations than cranial activity. As you're about to find out, however, that offense has nothing on the far more significant victims of Hulk's voracious appetite. The Hulk is set free from his mortal bonds until he turns to the drink, has a few cocktails too many, and then elects to recklessly parade through the Savage Land. Call it Jonah and the Whale of the Marvel order. Strange, we're looking at you). In subsequent panels, Hulk has dined on chicken with such gusto that he took no time to separate the flesh from bone. The Boys’ Most Powerful Comics Hero After Homelander, Superman History is Made With The Daily Planet's New Owner, The X-Men's Greatest Enemy Has The Stupidest Weakness, Star Wars: High Republic Villains May Be More Dangerous Than The Empire, Wonder Woman Once Beat The Entire Justice League, Apocalypse Makes The Ultimate Mutant Sacrifice, Wonder Woman: DC's Forgotten Cheetah Was An Eco-Terrorist. The Old Man Logan comic has come to an end, as Marvel's elderly Wolverine and his evil Hulk nemesis throw one last battle to the death... that actually claims both of their lives. Logan is a 2017 American superhero film starring Hugh Jackman as the titular character.It is the tenth film in the X-Men film series and the third and final installment in the Wolverine trilogy following X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and The Wolverine (2013). Prepare yourselves for the most brutal battle in the history of comics as Wolverine returns- andunleashes a tidal wave of bloody revenge! Don't expect to see this scene in The Avengers: Infinity War. Saved by Rha's Ghulee. Wolverine joined Hawkeye in his quest back in Wolverine (3rd series) #66. We all remember the suicide scare Bruce Banner encountered pre-Avengers. So, who's ready for Dead Man Logan? While seeking vengeance for her green friend, Elloe actually beat Spider-Man on her own accord. Those who were already reading the Old Man Logan series in recent years know that just as the old Wolverine was folded into the main Marvel Universe from his own, so too did Maestro, an evil and cruel version of the Hulk follow close behind.

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