poems that end with a question

I have always said that good poems ask more questions than they answer (even if there are no question marks on the page) or cause the reader to ask more questions than they can find easy answers to (RIP John Ashberry). An inheritance? “What if,” Oliver asks, “a hundred rose-breasted grosbeaks / flew in circles around your head?” And then: “What if the brook slid downhill just / past your bedroom window so you could listen / to its slow prayers as you fell asleep?” Her questions are connected by a certain sentience to the world around us—a presence that we know exists but Oliver gives a particular form. But first I had a class to teach. He would have much rather been playing soccer (a life-long passion; he was a self-professed “soccer bore”), but a heart condition prevented him from joining in with his fellow classmates. But nearly all of them behaved like this. “I think every book I’ve written has some strong autobiographical element in it. My students read Mark Twain’s “Two Views of the Mississippi,” and we parsed his two takes on the riparian landscape: that of the Romantic river gazer, and that of the jaded riverboat worker. During that time, Hamilton moved to London and became the Times Literary Supplement’s poetry editor, not to mention a published poet himself. But the emotional intensity, though sparing, is anything but: Let’s hear it for poems that end with a question. If you wandered in too often, you were likely to be given an unpaid job. He encouraged them to do their best — even if they weren’t getting paid (which they often weren’t). I feel the same way when I read Mary Oliver, who ended several poems with questions. Of course, that cannot be, but you have inherited bricks that others want to glean from or worse to envy. a simple, sad song. Somewhere down there are villages, fields, roads and trails, and the war we have returned to cover, but it’s all lost in distance, space and scale in the vastness that is Afghanistan. Solution: (a) Somebody repaired the motor. 30 seconds . Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. For $7.25 an hour I began working at my local airport, where I would don a United Airlines uniform and learn all the ins and outs of commercial aviation. Follow him at @nickripatrazone and find more of his writing at nickripatrazone.com. ( Log Out /  Quickly access your most used files AND your custom generated worksheets! Isn’t that what good poetry ending in questions do? A poem can leave us like that: unsure, our eyes closed, meandering and meditating. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This place when it was at its best, The next day, I rummaged through the files on my desk, and found an essay that appeared in the Spring 2001 Patagonia outdoor clothing catalog. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! All Subjects. I’d defy all the glamour and glitz and go to soggy ’70s London. Become a member today. It is a sad thing to see a man who has been frittered away piecemeal by petty distractions, and who has never done his best. Not me. Stripped of personal context, whatever private crisis was there has to be inferred by the reader — Hamilton remains stoically silent. My airport job paid the rent all spring and summer, as I covered many of my co-workers’ shifts; within a few months I could practically run the airport by myself. What is the part you want your readers to focus on? We all love finding outside excuses for our decor, don’t we? “He had the knack of embodying self-destruction in an alluring form,” James writes. On my days off, when I was off fly-fishing or hiking, I would find myself subconsciously tracking inbound flights and takeoffs, distant jet blasts and glints of silver in the sun. Treasure Trove A Collection of ICSE Poems Workbook Answers … Q. A poem that ends with a question has a little whisper of eternity in that curved punctuation mark. Even where the poem has no punctuation, EXCLAMATION marks, at the end or within a verse, are needed to show the intensity of a verse. When I walked over to the student union after class for lunch, I saw that several large TV screens had been wheeled into the open spaces between the seating areas. In The Little Magazines: A Study of Six Editors, a small book published in 1976, Hamilton looked closely at some of the most influential of the 20th century’s little magazines: The Little Review, Poetry, New Verse, The Criterion, Partisan Review, and Horizon. I am dumpy, obtruse, old and out of it. Trending Questions. Love And A Question Poem by Robert Frost. In The Pillars I met “my generation” of writers — male, born in the late forties — and made friendships that will last me a lifetime — among them Amis, Barnes, Raine, Fenton, Reid. It lasted 10 years. Wild-eyed anarchic novelists would transmute into prim-lipped accountants. Schultheis goes on to describe the isolated town of Faizabad, including the friendly people he meets amid the wheat fields, pastures, and poppy fields. The terminal seemed at once totally chaotic and oddly frozen. I decided to play it safe and just show up. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In “Dark Slides” by Chase Twichell, we look over the shoulder of a narrator who sifts through overexposed slides of her father’s carrot garden, a horse with “blood-flecked froth at the bit,” and a sled abandoned in the snow, “Footprints, but no humans visible. Ian asked me to read the short story slush pile and tell him if there was anything worth his consideration. Failing Better: Ian Hamilton and The New Review, The Common Core Vs. Books: When Teachers Are Unable to Foster a Love of Reading in Students, Setting a Rant to Music: On Adapting Thomas Bernhard’s ‘The Loser’ for the Opera, Jasper Johns as Michael Crichton Knew Him, My Father’s Guitar and Other Imaginary Things. Same with QUESTION marks where a question is asked Though he was not a genius or a great artist, Hamilton served literature by setting a great example (The Lowells and the Salingers of this world are hardly exemplary). The New Review, after all, was a result of serial failures, and in the end must have seemed like something of failure to its creator, too. But no matter. I especially love the line here about the wallpaper. Yes, for sure! Learn about how to tackle a GCSE English Literature poetry exam question that asks you to compare one poem with another. Elizabeth Barrett Browning and the Woman Question - The British … Ask Question + 100. With any luck, I would become audience to one of Hamilton’s celebrated witticisms, like the one about the young poet who came down from Oxford to write for the magazine.

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