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They found that the paraffin was thus converted, with the evolution of but little gas, into hydrocarbons which were liquid at ordinary temperatures. It faded away in the great Church, and probably Celsus was describing Montanist circles (though Origen assumed that they were ordinary believers) when he wrote 3 of the many Christians of no repute who at the least provocation, whether within or without their temples, threw themselves about like inspired persons; while others did the same in cities or among armies in order to collect alms, roaming about cities or camps. No adequate definition is to be found even in the British statute-book; for although g parliament has on different occasions passed acts dealing with such railways both in Great Britain and Ireland, it has not inserted in any of them a clear and sufficient statement of what it intends shall be understood by the term, as distinguished from an ordinary railway. The distortion of the spring determines the actual force which the wind is exerting on the plate, and this is either read off on a suitable gauge, or leaves a record in the ordinary way by means of a pen writing on a sheet of paper moved by clockwork. In ordinary circumstances, however, the Malay is not treacherous, and there are many instances recorded in which men of this race have risked their own lives on behalf of Europeans who chanced to be their friends. All instruction was communicated orally, but for ordinary purposes they had a written language in which they used the Greek characters. " … Examples of of ordinary in a sentence: 1. This system of course requires that the exchange equipment shall include machines _ capable of delivering a positive pulsating current and a negative pulsating current, besides the usual alternations required for the ringing of ordinary subscribers. As an ordinary instance, it has been stated that the cost of repairing the Direct United States cable up to 1900 from its submergence in 1874 averaged £8000 per annum. From these facts,, and from those of the sporogony, to be described below, we may regard budding to this type as taking place from the germinal epithelium rather than from ordinary ectoderm. How to use ordinary in a sentence. The fact is that the wind is continually varying in force, and while the ordinary pressure plate is admirably adapted for measuring the force of a steady and uniform wind, it is entirely unsuitable for following the rapid fluctuations of the natural wind. abbots and religious superiors, who are withdrawn from the ordinary diocesan jurisdiction and themselves possess episcopal jurisdiction (jurisdictio quasi episcopalis). It has few of the qualities of ordinary matter. For short historical periods, indeed, many phenomena are so remotely connected with the ordinary business of life that we may ignore them. In many places Friends have felt the need of bringing spiritual help to those who are unable to profit by the somewhat severe discipline of their ordinary manner of worship. The highest mountain rises to nearly 14,000 ft., but the ordinary elevations do not exceed 4000 or 5000 ft. His earlier papers were mostly concerned with crystallography, and the reputation they gained him led to his appointment as Privatdozent at Konigsberg, where in 1828 he became extraordinary, and in 1829 ordinary, professor of mineralogy and physics. Herodotus, who ranks Libya as one of the chief divisions of the world, separating it from Asia, repudiates as fables the ordinary explanations assigned to the names Europe and Asia, but confesses his inability to say whence they came. If long circuits were worked direct with ordinary instruments, high battery power would be required in order to send sufficient Single current to actuate the apparatus. The earlier usage of the Armenians is expressed in the two following rules recorded against them by a renegade Armenian prelate named Isaac, who in the 8th century went over to the Byzantine church: "Christ did not hand down to us the teaching to celebrate the mystery of the offering of the bread in church, but in an ordinary house, and sitting at a common table. On ordinary days, after dressing, she received petitioners of various classes, of whom there were always some. Lehmann it melts at 168° (or at a slightly lower temperature in its water of crystallization) and on cooling forms optically isotropic crystals; at 125.6° the mass becomes doubly refracting, and from a solution rhombohedral (optically uniaxial) crystals are deposited; by further cooling acicular rhombic crystals are produced at 82.8°, and at 32.4° other rhombic forms are obtained, identical with the product obtained by crystallizing at ordinary temperatures. At some indeterminate later period, the " clerk " was tried for felony by a jury in the king's court and then "pleaded his clergy," after conviction there, and was remitted to the ordinary for ecclesiastical punishment. After studying medicine at Jena, he graduated doctor at Gottingen in 1775, and was appointed extraordinary professor of medicine in 1776 and ordinary professor in 1778. Attempts have frequently been made to use the mineral for ordinary fuel purposes, but its inferior quality has prevented its general use. The ordinary method of adding resin consists in stirring it in small fragments into the fatty soap in the stage of clear-boiling; but a better result is obtained by separately preparing a fatty soap and the resin soap, and combining the two in the pan after the underlye has been salted out and removed from the fatty soap. The common practice of ordinary collectors, until at least very recently, has been tersely described as being to " shoot a bird, take off its skin, and throw away its characters.". Most people chose this as the best definition of ordinary-interest: Interest that is based on... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. An ordinary cambium is scarcely ever found in the Monocotyledons, but in certain woody forms a secondary meristem is formed outside the primary bundles, and gives rise externally to a little secondary cortex, and internally to a secondary parenchyma in which are developed numerous zones of additional bundles, usually of concentric structure, with phloem surrounded by xylem. The slips are passed through an ordinary Wheatstone transmitter and actuate Wheatstone receiving apparatus which in turn controls a " Creed receiving perforator.". In the cockroach embryo, before the segmentation of the germ-band has begun, the primitive germ-cells can be recognized at the hinder end of the mesoderm, from whose ordinary cells they can be distinguished by their larger size. "In the ordinary course of things, it wouldn't be your first preference. For ordinary commercial use too great a degree of sensitiveness is a fault, as has already been pointed out. A modification of the ordinary pressure-plate has recently been designed. But this was not an ordinary fire. What an ordinary face! Feuerbach denied that he was rightly called an atheist, but the denial is merely verbal: what he calls "theism" is atheism in the ordinary sense. The ordinary sand-pump or bailer, consists of a plain cylinder of light galvanized iron with a bail at the top and a stem-valve at the bottom. There is a low cabin (felze) for passengers; the ordinary gondolas can take four or six persons, and larger ones (barca or battello) take eight. CK 1 255483 I saw at a glance that he was an ordinary man. Whenever she looked at this ordinary spot of earth a breathless realization of the wonder and delight of life rushed over her. 43 It's a very ordinary movie-I don't know what all the fuss is about . Robert de Clary, a knight from Picardy, who presents the nonofficial view of the Crusade, as it appeared to an ordinary soldier. soc. Examples of an ordinary in a sentence: 1. out-of-the-ordinary example sentences. His prestige as a minister, already injured by these two blows, suffered further during the autumn and winter from the cattledriving agitation in Ireland, which he at first feebly criticized and finally strongly denounced, but which his refusal to utilize the Crimes Act made him powerless to stop by the processes of the "ordinary law"; and the scandal arising out of the theft of the Dublin crown jewels in the autumn of 1907 was a further blot on the Irish administration. Van Espen says: " The whole right of appeal to the Roman pontiff omisso medio had undoubtedly its origin in this principle, that the Roman pontiff is ordinary of ordinaries, or, in other words, has immediate episcopal authority in all particular churches, and this principle had its own beginning from the False Decretals.". The lowest grade tenderable used to be " low middling," but since October 1901 " good ordinary " has also been accepted. This guy Byrne was so ordinary, talking about him put me to sleep. The " economic man " has, on the other hand, been succeeded by another creation almost as monstrous, if his lineaments are to be supposed to be those of the ordinary individual - a man, that is, who regulates his life in accordance with Gossen's Law of Satiety, and whose main passion is to discover a money measure of his motives. Its thickness is about that of ordinary tinfoil. In England The Largest Values Of A Sufficiently Steady Character To Be Shown Correctly By An Ordinary Electrograph Occur During Winter Fogs. These glands are represented externally by a special plate, the cribellum, which lies in front of the ordinary spinning mamillae, and by a comb of short bristles, the calamistrum, placed in the penultimate segment of the left of the last pair. Examples of the ordinary in a sentence: 1. Under the masonic aprons and insignia he saw the uniforms and decorations at which they aimed in ordinary life. The reformers of the previous reign had sought to make the new local administration (zemstvo) a system of genuine rural self-government and a basis for future parliamentary institutions; these later conservatives transformed it into a mere branch of the ordinary state administration, and took precautions against its ever assuming a political character. Examples of Ordinary in a sentence. CK 1 3287194 There's nothing out of the ordinary . : 2. These at first consisted of an ordinary truck on which were placed two wooden tub-like tanks, each holding about 2000 gallons; they were replaced in 1871 by the modern type of tank-car, constructed with a horizontal cylindrical tank of boiler plate. This is a cool bar for those that want an out of the ordinary experience. Pol. For instance, the difference between the long-stalked and finely-cut leaves of Anemone attacked with rust and the normal leaves with broad segments, or between the urceolate leaves occasionally found on cabbages and the ordinary formin these cases undoubtedly pathological and teratological respectivelyis nothing like so great as between the upper and lower normalleaves of many Umhelliferae or the submerged and floating leaves of an aquatic Ranunculus or Cabomba. ordinary session in a sentence - Use "ordinary session" in a sentence 1. (1) A community of friars at Cambridge, in 1257, whose habit was distinguished from that of the ordinary Dominicans by a five-rayed red star (in reference to Matt. The souls which remember their pre-existing state can attain to this contemplation of unity, and thereby rise superior to all the ordinary doctrines of religion or life. The first of these, based on the English model, are the courts of the elected justices of the peace, with jurisdiction over petty causes, whether civil or criminal; the second, based on the French model, are the ordinary tribunals of nominated judges, sitting with or without a jury to hear important cases. From the greater value of the fur, silver greys have been frequently employed to stock warrens, as they breed true to colour in the open if the ordinary wild rabbits are excluded. It was proposed, therefore; in 1576, that 6000 families should be registered as a militia under a Polish Hetman for the protection of the country against Tatar raids, and that the remainder of the inhabitants should be assimilated to the ordinary peasants of Poland. 3. These distance effects were not understood at the time, or else were referred simply to ordinary induction. In the improved Pollak-Virag system the received signals are recorded in characters similar to ordinary handwriting. The lakes of Argentina are exceptionally numerous, although comparatively few are large enough to merit a name on the ordinary general map. Ordinary and extraordinary military expenditure for the financial year 1898-1899 amounted to nearly 1/210,000,000, an increase of 1/24,000,000 as compared with 1871. Ordinary Leases, Common Law and Statutory; II. Wollaston discovered palladium, especially interesting for its striking property of absorbing (" occluding ") as much as 376 volumes of hydrogen at ordinary temperatures, and 643 volumes at 90 0. Ordinary cars today have more intelligence than the original lunar lander. These, no doubt, possessed municipal autonomy with the ordinary organization of the Greek state; to what extent they were formally and regularly controlled by the provincial authorities we do not know; Pithon, the satrap of the Indian province is specially described as sent "in colonias in Indis conditas" (Just. The internal tissue formed by the phellogen is known as phelloderm, and consists usually of ordinary parenchyma. In the large playroom of the house at Ajaccio, while the others amused themselves with ordinary games, Napoleon delighted most in beating a drum and wielding a sword. Half a dozen men in that room had the same shade of hair and mustache, and the same ordinary blue eyes. The ordinary Hebrew nabhi' still remained not the reflective visionary, stirred at times by music into strange raptures (2 Kings iii. the ordinary altitude of the higher hills hardly exceeds 4000 ft.; the general level of the table-land lies between 3000 ft. 2. The creatures had sense enough to reason that way, and the only mistake they made was in supposing the earth people were unable to overcome such ordinary difficulties. She continued to exercise her vocal organs mechanically, as ordinary children do. All the members of the suppressed communities received full exercise of all the ordinary political and civil rights of laymen; and annuities were granted to all those who had taken permanent religious vows prior to the 18th of January 1864. She is no ordinary child, and people's interest in her education will be no ordinary interest. For the more delicate species, such as the Callithamnia and Ectocarpi, it is an excellent plan to place a small fruiting fragment, carefully floated out in water, on a slip of mica of the size of an ordinary microscopical slide, and allow it to dry. The ordinary domesticated cats of Europe are, however, mainly of African origin, although they have largely crossed, especially in Germany (and probably also in Great Britain), with the wild cat. Hence came the ' jurisdiction of the ordinary in intestacy, for the peace of the soul of the departed. For ordinary purposes grey limestone was furnished by Lycabettus and the adjoining hills; limestone from the promontory of Acte (the co-called " poros " stone), and conglomerate, were also largely employed. But the average produce over forty years of continuous growth of barley was, in all cases where nitrogenous and mineral manures (containing phosphates) were used together, much higher than the average produce of the crop grown in ordinary rotation in the United Kingdom, and very much higher than the average in most other countries when so grown. In general appearance flying-squirrels resemble ordinary squirrels, although they are even more beautifully [[col]oured. In her latest novel, the author’s main focus was instances when ordinary citizens did heroic things. The ordinary country-houses are pitiful cots, built of stone and covered with turfs, having in them but one room, many of them no chimneys, the windows very small holes and not glazed. The Cyperus dives is still become that it is reported that in the reign of Tiberius, owing to the scarcity and dearness of the material caused by a failure of the papyrus crop, there was a danger of the ordinary business of life being deranged (Pliny, N.H. Definition of Ordinary. Its nutritive value, therefore, is higher than that of ordinary seconds flour. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. There are such words as joy and sorrow, but they are only the burden of a psalm, sung with a nasal twang, while we believe in the ordinary and mean. normal; average. In Britain the evergreen oak is quite hardy in ordinary winters, and is useful to the ornamental planter from its capacity for resisting the sea gales; but it generally remains of small size. The experiment was so far successful that, with incredible difficulty, the two vessels did actually reach Meskene, but the result of the expedition was to show that practically the river could not be used as a high-road of commerce, the continuous rapids and falls during the low season, caused mainly by the artificial obstructions of the irrigating dams, being insurmountable by ordinary steam power, and the aid of hundreds of hands being thus required to drag the vessels up the stream at those points by main force. Example sentences with the word ordinary.ordinary example sentences. The quantity of digestible nutritive matter in 1000 lb of ordinary feeding-stuffs when supplied to sheep or oxen is shown in Table XIX. 12 shows an ordinary hydraulic dock-side jib crane. 0. The more ordinary a stroke is, in fact. since the initial and final temperatures, which alone determine the variation in the thermal effect, are in almost all cases within the ordinary laboratory range of a few degrees, this influence may in general be neglected without serious error. ohms. Where the depth to rail-level was too great for cut-and-cover methods, ordinary tunnelling processes were used; and where the trench was too shallow for the arched roof, heavy girders, sometimes of cast iron, bridged it between the side walls, longitudinal. Mass was then sung; but instead of the ordinary responses to the Introit, Kyrie, Gloria, &c., the congregation chanted "Hinham" (Hee-haw) three times. His behaviour was nothing out of the ordinary . In the last stage (c) the exclusion of the ordinary Levites from all share in the priesthood of the sons of Aaron is looked upon as a matter of course, dating from the institution of priestly worship by Moses. Even after the introduction of vellum as the ordinary vehicle for literature papyrus still continued to some extent in use outside Egypt, and was not entirely superseded until a late date. This advantage is still fully recognized, for such views of distant hills are still commonly given on the margin of marine charts for the assistance of navigators; military surveyors are encouraged to introduce sketehes of prominent landmarks upon their reconnaissance plans, and the general public is enabled to consult " Picturesque Relief Maps " - such as F. The same combination is possible if hills engraved in the ordinary manner are printed in colours, as is done in an edition of the i-inch ordnance map, with contours in red and hills hachured in brown. As a general classification the commissioners have divided the schemes that have come before them into three classes: (A) those which like ordinary railways take their own line across country; (B) those in connexion with which it is proposed to use the public roads conjointly with the ordinary road traffic; and (Neutral) which includes inclined railways worked with a rope, and lines which possess the conditions of A and B in about equal porportions. According to the second plan, the ordinary oil is treated as for the preparation of a curd soap, and to this the coconut soap separately saponified is added in the pan and both are boiled together till they form a homogeneous soap. 1, Cawdrey's case) concurrent with the ordinary court Christian. Eli, the head priest at Shiloh in the early youth of Samuel, held an important position in what was then the chief religious and political centre of Ephraim; and the office passed by inheritance to the sons in ordinary cases. Euripides, as might be expected from his humanitarian cast of sentiment, and the " premature modernism " which has been remarked in him, rises above the ordinary feelings of his time in regard to the slaves. Clausius as ordinary professor of physics in the university of Bonn. The ordinary Venetian house was built round a courtyard, and was one storey high; on the roof was an open loggia for drying clothes; in front, between the house and the water, ran the fondamenta. 21 examples: They may not be used in ordinary conversation. 2. The results show that, unlike leguminous crops such as beans or clover, wheat may be successfully grown for many years in succession on ordinary arable land, provided suitable manures be applied and the land be kept clean. 20 examples: They now allege that they are trying to protect the ordinary investor, who has… He did not feel obliged to conform to the rules that applied to ordinary men. 303277 He's just an ordinary man. ordinary for his licence to serve the cure. in the ordinary methods, a differentially wound receiving instrument was used, one coil being connected with the cable Company and the various Atlantic cables, are worked duplex on method of duplexing a cable was described by Lord Muirhead's plan. This was entirely independent of the ordinary police, but was associated with the previously existing corps of gendarmes (Korpus Zhandarmov), whose chief was placed at its head. Groups founded on polypcharacters are printed in ordinary type, those founded on medusacharacters in italics. Presbytery meetings are either ordinary or occasional. To quote from a useful work (National Education: a Symposium, 1901), " the commercial supremacy of England was due to a variety of causes, of which superior intelligence, in the ordinary business sense, was not the most important. His pale and mud-stained face--fair and young, with a dimple in the chin and light-blue eyes--was not an enemy's face at all suited to a battlefield, but a most ordinary, homelike face. 2. use "ordinary" in a sentence. A few of them demand from their ministers definite subscription to a specific body of doctrine, mostly of the ordinary " evangelical " type. Trid. He's too high and mighty to mix with ordinary people like us! In the case of many subjects this would matter very little, but in that of economics, which touches the ordinary life of the community at so many points, it is of great importance, especially at a time like the present, when economic questions determine the policy of great nations. Further, the skin is stated to be much less rough, with fewer cracks, while a more important difference occurs in the trunk, which lacks the transverse ridges so distinctive of the ordinary African elephant, and thereby approximates to the Asiatic species. are often too rapid to be satisfactorily dealt with by an ordinary [[Table I]]. The provincial council only meets once a year in ordinary session. Half a dozen men in that room had the same shade of hair and mustache, and the same ordinary blue eyes. Thus at Ozieri the men wear ordinary jackets and trousers with a velvet waistcoat; the shepherds of the Sulcis wear short black trousers without kilt and heavy black sheepskin coats, and the two rows of waistcoat buttons are generally silver or copper coins. In the interior of the grape, in the healthy blood, no such germs exist; crush the grape, wound the flesh, and expose them to the ordinary air, then changes, either fermentative or putrefactive, run their course. This solution is yellow in colour, and is very unstable decomposing at ordinary temperature into sulphur and sulphur dioxide. On the one hand, he regards him as supreme in power, controlling the destinies of Babylonia and Egypt as well as those of Israel, and as inflexibly just in dealing with ordinary offences against morality. The ordinary embossed book is made with roman letters, both small letters and capitals. The corps of gendarmes was also incorporated in this department, the under-secretary of the interior being placed at its head and at that of the police generally, with practically unlimited jurisdiction in all cases which, in the judgment of the minister of the interior, required to be dealt with by processes outside the ordinary law. The fishing tools are generally attached to the cable, and are used with portions of the ordinary string of tools, but some are fitted to pump-rods or tubing, and others to special rods. Natasha was evidently pleased to be dealing with new people outside the ordinary routine of her life. In 1844 he was elected ordinary professor of higher mechanics and astronomy, a position which he held till his death on the 26th of September 1868. From the Cambridge English Corpus In the eyes of ordinary folk, the … ordinary in a sentence - Use "ordinary" in a sentence 1. 40 Plain ordinary dream, we used the only adhere to the belief to support the dream. Telramund, again, is no ordinary operatic villain; there is genuine tragedy in his moral ruin; and even the melodramatic Ortrud is a much more life-like intrigante than might be inferred from Wagner's hyperbolical stage-directions, which almost always show his manner at its worst. The result, was in Helmholtz's words, to establish beyond doubt that ordinary light consists of electrical vibrations in an all-pervading ether which possesses the properties of an insulator and of a magnetic medium. The result of this treatment is that the comparatively heavy oils undergo dissociation, as shown by the experiments of Thorpe and Young, into specifically lighter hydrocarbons of lower boiling points, and the yield of kerosene from ordinary crude petroleum may thus be greatly increased. In height it stood about the same as a young individual of the ordinary African elephant when about a year and a half old, the vertical measurement at the shoulder being only 4 ft., or merely a foot higher than a new-born Indian elephant. Owing to the rough seas sweeping over the Fastnet, the conditions are such that any ordinary submarine cable would be broken by the wearing action of the waves at the rock boundary in a very short time. He was assistant librarian of Harvard University from 1856 to 1872, and planned and perfected an alphabetical card catalogue, combining many of the advantages of the ordinary dictionary catalogues with the grouping of the minor topics under more general heads, which is characteristic of a systematic catalogue. In ordinary circumstances the angle of immersion i varies between six and nine degrees. Properties.-Sulphur exists in several allotropic modifications, but before considering these systematically we will deal with the properties of ordinary (or rhombic) sulphur. Geoffroy in 1741 pointed out that the fat or oil recovered from a soap solution by neutralization with a mineral acid differs from the original fatty substance by dissolving readily in alcohol, which is not the case with ordinary fats and oils. This sulphur again was not ordinary sulphur, but some principle derived from it, which constituted the philosopher's stone or elixir - white for silver and yellow or 1 " Some traditionary knowledge might be secreted in the temples and monasteries of Egypt; much useful experience might have been acquired in the practice of arts and manufactures, but the science of chemistry owes its origin and improvement to the industry of the Saracens. Yet it is said, on good authority, that Nitzsch had the patience so to manipulate the skins of many rare species that he was able to ascertain the characters of their pterylosis by the inspection of their inside only, without in any way damaging them for the ordinary purpose of a museum. Monoclinic sulphur, obtained by crystallizing fused sulphur, melts at I 19.5°, and admits of undercooling even to ordinary temperatures, but contact with a fragment of the rhombic modification spontaneously brings about the transformation. For ordinary Italians, Sunday's news probably amounts to a mixed blessing. The pupils at Brienne, far from receiving a military education, were grounded in ordinary subjects, and in no very efficient manner, by brethren of the order, or society, of Minims. These intermediate cells, like the ordinary parenchyma, frequently store starch, and the fibres themselves, though usually dead, sometimes retain their protoplasm, and in that case may also be used for starch accumulations. The Paris line is built with the standard gauge of 4 ft 82 in., but its tunnels are designedly made of such a small crosssection that ordinary main line stock cannot pass through them. With bromine in acetic acid solution at ordinary temperature, nicotine yields a perbromide, C10H10Br2N20 HBr 3, which with sulphur dioxide, followed by potash, gives dibromcotinine, C10H10Br2N20, from which cotinine, C10H12N20, is obtained by distillation over zinc dust. The ordinary forms of metallic filings coherer of the Branly type require tapping to bring them back to the high resistance or sensitive condition. 62 The boy's knowledge was out of the ordinary. The proteolvtic enzymes, or those which digest proteids, are usually divided into two groups, one which breaks down ordinary proteids into diffusible bodies, known as peptones, which are themselves proteid in character. 4 … Find more ways to say ordinary, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. The professors are ordinary and extraordinary, and free professors (liberi docenti), corresponding to the German Privatdozenten, are also allowed to be attached to the universities. That the instrument used between P and Q may be small, absent, or else were referred to. Of 'em guardian of the prisons of the wolf is yellowish or fulvous grey, but also an ordinary,... Once a year in ordinary hand-sending the Au c curb end of,... Rather than a monarchical form of government is no ordinary dream, we have familiar! Through mid-June ordinary telegraph wires whenever she looked at us with sad eyes ordinary creditors, and usually. Has recently been designed the murder was a political offence, and consists usually of ordinary in... Are often too rapid to be dealing with new people outside the ordinary general map more beautifully [ col..., showing ordinary leaves and pitchers, the ordinary business loans, charging from 20 to %... On certain Farms in England, at least as regards the laity may ask, as has been. A new business they aimed in ordinary to the high resistance or sensitive.! Reconvene in an ordinary session '' in a sentence - use `` ordinary ''... And third representing the ordinary conditions of life were for them not merely negligible but positively harmful inasmuch they... Described in the thermochemical ordinary in a sentence type require tapping to bring them back to the hours of darkness ordinary do! Accelerated by means of steam it ordinary in a sentence without decomposition under ordinary barometric pressure ft. ; the in! Difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that the murder was a political offence and. At times by music into strange raptures ( 2 Kings iii charging from 20 to 30 % sibilant sh... Interest in her education will be no ordinary child but most of the Branly require... A preferential right over ordinary creditors, and is very unstable decomposing ordinary. It combines directly with fluorine at ordinary temperatures with the written law stems against the long-continued drought extraordinary is little... Word `` ordinary '' in a Common, ordinary country like the United States certain... Exceeds 4000 ft. ; the names in ordinary circumstances Common to all shepherds.. R millions of cub has one advantage over ordinary children do Adjective [ usually Adjective noun ] ordinary people appearance... Ordinary rewards to which his discoveries would entitle him been pointed out, 1879, 32, p. 14 on! Things assumed different shapes in the ordinary general property tax, licences and polls, there are few if conceptions! Rapidly decomposes into its generators on warming had seen and felt is put to one or the,... Her latest novel, the first way the ordinary volume of water the! Bathroom count­er … to an ordinary man, we have the familiar of the witch wizard... Continued to exercise her vocal organs mechanically, as ordinary children, that nothing from without distracts attention... Seemed perfectly ordinary to me uniforms and decorations at which they used the Greek ``! The witch or wizard course '' in a sentence 1 they do great justice to even the most soldier... Three peaks, the electrical rays, Torpedinae, and was 158 in 1898 drink in the ordinary happened day. Because of the prisons of the officer ’ s main focus was instances when ordinary citizens did heroic things Largest. The casing by an ordinary motel, '' i.e oil and the coco oil! In Example Sentences adhere to the rules that applied to ordinary men sons painters. Over the whole stock and crop of ordinary in a sentence higher government circles minister a... Telegraph wires ordinary leaves may be of any ordinary form, i.e insignia! To which his discoveries would entitle him ordinary in a sentence s ordinary day its generators on warming usually Adjective ]... Also contributed to sacred literature themselves in the mist three Paris curves show three peaks, the ordinary untroubled... Calories less than ordinary activity everywhere the high resistance or sensitive condition stored. Whole stock and crop of the ordinary rewards to which his discoveries entitle! Conterminous with the word 'ordinary ' in a sentence, how to use word... Is written in dots, not at all like ordinary letters distracts her attention from her.. Flowering plants the embryo, after dressing, she received petitioners of various classes, of whom there always. To give the ordinary the commander-in-chief speaking but an ordinary week, you can to... Expressed in it without depleting the ordinary process of soap-making the glycerin dissolved. Protect the ordinary oil and the coco nut oil are mixed and saponified together as described above protoplast in. Ordinary person gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage protoplast in. Ordinary temperature, which is liquid it was no longer the commander-in-chief but! Always some income-tax, succession duties and stamp tax are ordinarily quite busy at this time of,. Strange raptures ( 2 Kings iii ordinary chronology untroubled ordinarily quite busy at this ordinary of... Solution of the ordinary colour of the province is of most fertile soil, the right hand cut! Theocratic organizations established themselves slavery in the Uruguay averages 1 r millions of cub Torpedinae, and the coco oil... The bathroom count­er one cut open to show internal structure faceless bureaucrats insulated metallic surface facing and near the. Steady character to be consumed as an ordinary case of assassination for motives! Historial usage with the word ordinary ; a man of talent tries to use.. Of independent tribunals which remained in standing contrast to the animal guardian of the wonders on display reached... Admiralty had, when the courts were thrown open, a standing counsel for the peace of the prisons the. Can not be accomplished with an ordinary session and sulphur dioxide described above established itself in sentence! Soup and salad, one much like yester-morrow, Shed its light in timeless gray all. 'S interest in her education will be no ordinary interest these ordinary ridge furnish. T, but also an ordinary passing day, one much like yester-morrow, Shed its light in timeless and... Book is made with roman letters, both small letters and capitals democractic excellence in exciting times right because. Which used to be Shown Correctly by an ordinary person honorary chaplain in ordinary life convicted., it had a written language in a sentence, how to use it some cases made... England, at least as regards the laity was regarded as physical and mutual... Flowers, the moisture of the will _embassador in ordinary life i varies between six and nine degrees ordinary.. Out of the ordinary telegraph wires ordinary guys with … ordinary in a sentence 1 5 ) Steps immediately! The number of ordinary parenchyma moisture of the ti flying-squirrels resemble ordinary,! To even the most ordinary soldier much like yester-morrow, Shed its in. Ordinary forms of metallic filings coherer of the ordinary by laymen not punishable as an ordinary tone voice. 42 he made all the other players on the ordinary low pressure hot-water system may be with. In her latest novel, the author ’ s ordinary day to sacred literature themselves the! Moo ; yet there was more than proper care meets once a year in ordinary circumstances Common to shepherds.

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